A healthful break

Be they relaxing, toning, soothing or invigorating, our beneficial therapeutic baths offer complete rejuvenation.

Therapeutic baths

Therapeutic mud bath

The mud and essential oil bath contains minerals, micronutrients and amino acids that offer anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving and relaxing properties. These properties help relieve arthritis, osteoarthritis and muscle pain.


Therapeutic milk and lavender bath

The relaxing milk and lavander bath is beneficial for both body and mind, and is especially suited to tense or stressed individuals. It is ideal for soothing and releasing tensions, as well as for countering the effects of stress and nervousness.


Therapeutic milk bath with rosemary

Perfect for winter, the revitalizing milk and rosemary bath is a beneficial body and mind treatment that is especially suitable for tired people. It is ideal in case of tireness and overwork, and to accompany winter sessions.


Therapeutic milk bath (without essential oil)

Intended for pregnant women, the milk bath is a natural emollient that helps to soothe and moisturize the skin. Milk is easily absorbed by the skin and allows a rapid hydration of the dry skin and provides a voluptuous bath.


Therapeutic dark chocolate bath*

The dark chocolate and essential oil bath allows you to immerse yourself in a wonderfully invigorating experience. Its stimulating and energizing properties let you free yourself of fatigue.Known for is euphoric and anti - depressant qualities, the chocolate bath helps your skin regenerate while leaving a soothing sweet scent.


1 person
30 min: 55 CA$ +tx
45 min: 65 CA$ +tx

2 persons
30 min: 90 CA$ +tx
45 min: 110 CA$ +tx

* Dark Chocolate care are 5 CA$ additional


Epsom salt bath

The Epsom salt bath is a soothing treatment, both at physical that psychic level. It helps reduce stress and physical pains. Rich in minerals and especially in magnesium, once absorbed by the skin, salts bring muscular, articular and nervous relaxation Epsom salt has antiseptic properties that accelerate healing, but also restore tired muscles and promote a general relaxation thanks to its anti-inflammatory and analgesic action. Come try it before your massage for complete relaxation!

Private Formula (1 pers)
30 min: 55 CA$ +tx
45 min: 65 CA$ +tx

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