Rejuvenate yourself

Whether it be a wrap, a scrub, a sauna or kinesitherapy, our effective and relaxing treatments will do you a world of good.

Sweet wrap

Relaxation coccon

We have long known of the calming and soothing properties of lavender. This body wrap helps relieve headaches and insomnia.It also helps reduce anxiety and stress - related migraines,while promoting restful sleep . 

Organic Cranberry*

Cranberry has long been recognized for its powerful antioxidant and anti-microbial properties. This small red fruit neutralises the free radicals of the body (unstable molecules) and prevents cellular aging. Rich in polyphenols, vitamin E, omega 3 and 6, regenerating cranberry wrap protects and moisturizes your skin, and also boosts your health and immune deficiencies. In order to respect the environmental values of our spa, we decided to use cranberries grown in Quebec and grown organically.

Sweet chocolate*

As soon as it touches your skin, the chocolate's rich velvety texture creates a wonderful sensation of heat and a moment of euphoria — a true pleasure for body and mind! This indulgent and invigorating treatment offers antioxidant, energizing as well as stress-relieving properties. You will be amazed by the benefits of this body wrap.

Sea an wine

This wrap combines the slimming benefits of seaweed and the anti-aging effects of red grapes. We recommend this wrap to our customers who want a full body care detoxifying, remineralizing and slimming.

Rich in vitamin A and B and natural mineral salts, seaweed contains a large amount of iodine that burns fat by accelerating the metabolism of the body and are therefore ingredients of choice in the development of slimming and anticellulite skincare. For its part, the red grape is rich in polyphenols that have antioxidant properties and help fight against the formation of excess free radicals in the body (these substances that promote cellular aging).

60 min:  90 CA$+tx

*Belgian Chocolate and cranberry cares are $5 more

Sweet aroma body scrub

This treatment is a gentle, full-body exfoliation massage using Dead Sea salt. Exfoliation enables the complete elimination of dead skin cells and impurities from the epidermis. It also promotes skin regeneration, relaxes the body and muscles and releases nervous tension. This treatment leaves your skin feeling silky and smooth. 

Eucalyptus body scrub 30 min - 60 CA$+tx

Lavender body scrub: 30 min - 60 CA$+tx

Vanilla body scrub:  30 min - 60 CA$+tx

Orange body scrub:  30 min - 60 CA$+tx

The infrared sauna

The main benefit of this treatment is the elimination of toxins through sweat. Despite the widespread use of infrared energy, the general public is not familiar with its properties. Infrared energy heats only the individuals or objects inside the sauna, not the air itself. Infrared saunas induce heavy sweating as the energy penetrates deep into the skin. Twenty or so minutes in this hot and relaxing environment prepares your body for a massage.

Contraindications  Not recommended for those suffering from circulatory, heart or skin problems. Pregnant women and children under 6 years of age cannot use the infrared sauna.

Combined with a care : 12 CA$+tx

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