A healthful break

Be they relaxing, toning, soothing or invigorating, our beneficial therapeutic baths offer complete rejuvenation.

Therapeutic baths

Our new treatment private room welcomes you for a sensory journey out of time ! Installed in our spa bath, you just have to let yourself go to a deep relaxation. Light therapy accompagnies you...your muscles relax gently...your mind frees itself...and the magic operates !

Our shower-hammam will allow you to complete the body letting go (from 45 min)


Therapeutic Balneo bath with essential oil

Hot water, essential oil, hydrojets and light therapy...time stops for a sweet moment of pause and regeneration


Epsom salt bath

The Epsom salt bath is a soothing treatment, both at physical that psychic level. It helps reduce stress and physical pains. Rich in minerals and especially in magnesium, once absorbed by the skin, salts bring muscular, articular and nervous relaxation Epsom salt has antiseptic properties that accelerate healing, but also restore tired muscles and promote a general relaxation thanks to its anti-inflammatory and analgesic action. Come try it before your massage for complete relaxation!


Organic lavender Bubble bath

The scent of organic lavender in the foam immediately calms your mind for an enchanting relaxing moment and this enveloping break...


1 person
30 min: 60 CA$ +tx
45 min: 75 CA$ +tx            60 min : 90$+tx


2 persons
30 min: 100 CA$ +tx
45 min: 130 CA$ +tx.         60 min : 160$+tx

In case of pregnancy, please notify us when booking in order to adjust a warmer water temperature.


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