Ultimate relaxation

Massage therapy offers numerous health benefits. Depending on the technique, massages can provide profound relaxation, relieve localized pain, release tension and reduce stress.

Swedish / californian massage

The Swedish massage relaxes muscles and increases blood flow as well as oxygen circulating in the blood. It shortens recovery times from muscular strain, stimulates circulation without increasing heart strain and stretches ligaments and tendons to promote flexibility. It also reduces emotional as well as physical stress and is recommended as part of a regular stress-management program.

Contraindications  Hemophilia, phlebitis, fever, heart problems

30 min     :     65 CA$+tx
60 min     :     95 CA$+tx

90 min     :     130 CA$+tx
120 min   :     180 CA$+tx

Therapeutic massage

A massage which combines different techniques (swedish massage, pressure, deep tissue , trigger points , fasciatherapy, …)

This massage is specialized and adapted to your needs, aiming to relieve your pains, particular vascular, bone or joint, neurological or muscular disorders(tendinitis, sprain, migraine, backache, scars, postural disorders, stress ...). 

30 MIN      :        65 CA$+tx
60 MIN      :        95 CA$+tx

90 MIN      :      130 CA$+tx
120 MIN    :      180 CA$+tx

Duo massage

Massage in duo (2 pers)


60 min     :     180 CA$ +tx

90 min     :     250 CA$ +tx

Aroma massage

with custom biological essential oil

Add $ 5 to any type of treatment and enjoy an experience enriched with organic hot coconut oil or one of our essential oils.

The aroma massage is a treatment that goes even further in sensory relaxation. By opting for a massage with organic coconut oil you'll be wrapped in an exotic, sweet smell while enjoying the moisturizing , nourishing , softening, anti­aging and restorative virtues of the coconut. We also offer massages with essential oils including various properties which enhance the benefits of massage : relaxing , revitalizing , purifying , healing . The choice is in your hands!

Contraindications : Pregnancy ,

$5 extra on the chosen care

Indian head massage

Lâcher prise total !

Le massage suédois augmente la circulation d'oxygène dans le sang, favorise le flux sanguin et détend les muscles. Il réduit le temps de rétablissement après des contraintes musculaires, stimule la circulation sans augmenter la charge du cœur, étire les ligaments et les tendons en les maintenant souples et flexibles, diminue le stress émotif et physique. Il est recommandé dans un programme régulier pour la maîtrise du stress.


60 min     :     95$ +tx

Japanese face massage


The Japanese facial massage is a Japanese technique that is both an aesthetic and therapeutic treatment. It is a stimulating massage of the face and neck, recognized for its rejuvenating effect. In the tradition of traditional Chinese medicine, it promotes the energy circulation of the face, neck and the whole body, while releasing muscle tension. During a session, the shoulders, neck and face are massaged.


60 min     :      95 CA$+tx


Sweetness massage

This Hawaiian massage relieves the body and aides muscle relaxation. It is essentially practiced with hands and forearms. Using large fluid, rhythmical gestures the body releases excess energy to achieve a complete state of relaxation. It is a massage that allows freedom and creativity. The strokes reproduce the to and fro of the ocean. You only need to let yourself succumb and be enveloped in its gentleness.

60 min    :   95 CA$+tx
90 min    :   130 CA$+tx
120 min  :   180 CA$+tx

Lomi Lomi Nui Massage

Harmony and wrap

Influenced by martial arts and danc, it is a powerful and enveloping massage like the waves of the ocean, aimed at balancing the body and mind relationship. It is a complete body care, imbued with wisdom and philosophy. As traditional chinese medicine, its ancestral belief is based on vital energy circulation called "Mana". The Lomi Lomi teaches us that everything around us is in search of harmony and love.

It is practised first with the heart, a touch delicate and deep, fluid and rythmic, with the hands and forearms, alternating softness and power. The lomi lomi is going to harmonize the circulation of energy and to recover its original unity.

Because of the large and enveloping amplitude of movments, it is important to consider that this type of massage is received in a quasi-nudity, without underwear and very partially covered. To receive this massage is to accept the opening of the body, the heart and the mind.


90 min     :    130$ +tx

Thai Massage

Coming from India and Thailand, this massage is a set of yoga pressures and stretches.

These help to release all your body and points of energy.

As a classical massage, our certified therapists for this massage are attentive and adapt to your needs.The pressure and intensity in the stretches are adjusted according to your demand

Practiced on the ground, dressed (soft clothes), without oil.

60 min : 95$ + tx

90 min : 130$ + tx


60 min : 95$ + tx

90 min : 130$ + tx

Massage Signature Centrale Parc

Intuitive with hot seashells

The signature massage of the Spa Central Park is a unique experience.
The warmth and softness of hot shells are diffused during the enveloping and intuitive maneuvers of your massage therapist.

This relaxation massage offers you a journey to fullness promoting deep relaxation, muscle relaxation and blood and lymphatic circulation.


60 min       :     95 CA$+tx
90 min       :   130 CA$+tx

Prenatal massage

The prenatal massage can be enjoyed throughout pregnancy. It helps the mother-to-be better experience the profound changes in her body. It brings a feeling of well-being by relaxing the skin and the muscles, improving circulation, and relieving leg and back pain.

Contraindication  This massage is not practised in the first trimester of pregnancy.


60 min     :      95 CA$+tx
90 min     :      130 CA$+tx


Deep tissue massage

Depth and Precision

The deep tissue massage involves, as its name suggests, deep­tissue manipulationsand vigorous kneading. The therapist will exert strong , slow, gradual and direct pressure to relax a specific area. Often practised directly on the skin without oil, this type of massage aims to harmonize your energy system. It frees adhesion muscles and tissues which are the cause of chronic pain. It's a perfect technique for those who suffer from posture problems , restriction of mobility or people who wish to improve scarring .

60 min      :        95 CA$+tx
90 min      :      130 CA$+tx
120 min    :      180 CA$+tx

Lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage is a gentle massage technique intended to stimulate lymphatic circulation and detoxify the body while strengthening the immune system. For those suffering from heavy or swollen legs, poor circulation may be to blame. This is an excellent technique for treating water retention, tissue congestion, cellulite and fat deposits.

Contraindications  Tumours, infections, heart conditions. 
This treatment should be avoided during menstruation as it tends to activate the bloodstream,
thus causing heavier periods.

60 min     :     95 CA$+tx

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